SEASONS on Ruthven
Located at the Ambassador on Ruthven
Best Western Plus Motel
200 Ruthven Street Toowoomba
07 4637 6800

Restaurant and Wine Bar 
 (07) 4637 6800



Garlic, herb & parmesan baguette (serves two) (V)                                                       $12

Crunchy grissini with trio of dips including basil & pine nut,

fetta & avocado and smoked salmon & lemon (serves two) (V av)                                  $14

Double cream brie wrapped in filo pastry with roasted macadamia

nut caramel and toasted turkish bread (serves two) (V)                                                 $20

Seasons’ antipasto plate with smoked salmon, natural oysters, prawns,

sundried tomatoes, olives & persian fetta with crisp pita bread (serves two)               $24


Freshly shucked Pacific Oysters                                                         6 Oys      9 Oys     12 Oys

Natural with sesame & soy dressing on the side (DF) (GF)                         $20          $29        $38

Kilpatrick with smoky sauce & bacon (GF) (DF)                                           $20          $29        $38

Mornay with silky cheese sauce (GF)                                                       $20          $29        $38


Zucchini fritters topped with avocado & dill salsa on                                                    Entrée size    $15

sweet corn purée (main size is larger with sweet potato fries) (V)                                 Main size       $30

Recommended Wine: Truvée Pinot Gris (SA)

Honey, soy & sesame calamari (main size is larger                                                     Entrée size    $16

and served with pomegranate, mint & pine nut couscous) (DF)                                     Main size       $32

Recommended Wine: Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough NZ)

Coconut crumbed prawns with chilli plum dipping sauce                                             Entrée size   $17

(main size is larger and served with fresh garden salad) (DF)                                        Main size      $34

Recommended Wine: Squealing Pig Rosé (Marlborough NZ)

Marinated lamb skewers with cucumber & mint yogurt                                                Entrée size   $18

(main size is larger with pita bread, wild rice & greek salad) (GF)                                   Main size      $36

Recommended Wine: Fickle Mistress Pinot Noir (Otago NZ)

Seasons Specialties

Please see the Specialties Boards or ask the Front of House Staff for today’s Specialties

House Made Pasta

Fisherman’s Catch

Chef’s Creation

Signature Mains

Gnocchi with roasted pumpkin, asparagus, spanish onion & olives

with a sage butter sauce (V)                                                                                                   $30

Recommended Wine: Fickle Mistress Pinot Noir (Otago NZ)

Pizzetta with roasted pumpkin, persian fetta, smoked chicken,

spanish onion & basil served with garlic bread (V av)                                                              $32

Recommended Wine: Rosemount Estate “Little Berry” Sauvignon Blanc (SA)

Pork loin wrapped in pancetta with gratin potato, almond broccolini,

baby carrots & topped with sautéed apple (GF) (DF av)                                                                                                           $34

Recommended Wine: Matua “Hawkes Bay” Merlot (Hawkes Bay NZ)

Chicken with almond crusted camembert, crisp prosciutto,

sweet potato fries, buttered asparagus & sour cherry glaze (GF) (DF av)                                    $38

Recommended Wine: Squealing Pig Rosé (Malborough NZ)

Seasons’ seafood platter with fish, prawns, calamari, baby octopus,                           For 1 $48

bug and scallops served with sauces & salad (GF av)                                                      For 2 $70

Recommended Wine: Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough NZ) 

Lobster thermidor grilled with a cognac sauce topped with

cheese and served with prawn risotto or chips & salad                                                        $55

Recommended Wine: Veuve Cliquot Champagne (FRANCE)

From the Grill

Chicken breast                                                                                                   $32

Wagyu rump (300g)                                                                                           $34

Lamb backstrap (300g)                                                                                      $36

Grain fed eye fillet (250g)                                                                                   $39

Rib eye on the bone (400g)                                                                                $39

With choice of:

                                   Beer battered chips or gratin potatoes


                                          Seasonal vegetables or salad


                           Wild mushroom sauce, green peppercorn gravy, Diane or creamy garlic sauce (all gluten free)

ADD garlic buttered Moreton Bay Bug (GF)                                                        $10

Recommended Wine: Rosemount Estate “Little Berry” Shiraz (Adelaide Hills SA)


Chips with aioli (V) (DF available)                                                                        $7

Gratin potatoes (V)                                                                                      $7

Sweet potato fries (V)                                                                                 $7

Seasonal vegetables (GF) (V) (DF available)                                                          $7

Salad with mustard & honey vinaigrette (GF) (V) (DF available)                             $7


Crème brûlée with orange & cointreau compote & macadamia ice cream (GF) (V)                                                  $15

Toblerone mousse with brandy snap, chocolate curls and burnt caramel ice cream (V)                   $15

Belgian chocolate lava pudding with vanilla bean ice cream (V)                                                       $15

Wild berry semifreddo with fresh fruit & wafer tuile (V)                                                                      $15

Trio of ice creams including vanilla bean, burnt caramel & macadamia with 

crunchy granola and persian floss (GF) (V)                                                                                          $15

Cheese Board with quality cheeses, lavosh crisps,                                                          For One $19

fresh & dried fruits & quince paste (V)                                                                                For Two $30

Kids Menu

12 Years & Under

Main Meal, Dessert & Drink for $17.50

Lemonade, lemon squash, raspberry lemonade,

orange juice, pineapple juice, apple juice or milk

Grilled chicken tenderloins with chips & salad or vegetables (GF Available)

Grilled fish with chips & salad or vegetables (GF Available)

Beer battered fish with chips & salad or vegetables (GF Available)

Chargrilled steak with chips & salad or vegetables (GF Available)

Pasta with bacon, mushrooms & creamy sauce

House made pizza (choose toppings: ham, pineapple, chorizo, sundried tomato, spinach)

Bowl of ice cream with chocolate, caramel or strawberry topping with sprinkles